Renewable Energy Specialists

With the ever growing demand for Renewable Energy, it is our duty to ensure that all customers have access to Perfectly Engineered Solutions, Tailor made to their specific needs. It is also imperative that every aspects of the clients' expectation is met, and therefore that the installed system delivers exactly what it was designed to do.

-That is our promise, Our commitment to you.

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Welcome to NRG Services

Wether it be a small residential system, or a system that is designed to assist a farmer to save money, while keeping the lights on during load shedding, or even a system that will greatly reduce the energy cost to a Factory, or Shopping Centre, it is our commitment that all customers will receive the same, impeccable level of service, that they deserve. - N. Bekker (MD)



Bespoke Solar PV Solutions for the homeowner. Whatever the need might be, whether Grid-Tied, Grid Interactive (Hybrid) or Off-Grid, Our bespoke residential Solar Solutions will assist each residential customer to fulfil his Energy Producing Desire.



Our commercial and Industrial solar PV solutions, aim to deliver the best possible return on investment. We offer Solar PV Solutions that will greatly reduce your energy consumption, all whilst ensuring a quick return on Investment, so as to ensure the bottomline customer satisfaction



BFor each Farm and Farmer there is a solution, whether it be Solar Pumps or complete Solar PV Plants. Using every possible resource, including the sun, is what every farmer aims to do, let us take the journey with you, to ensure Yields that are on par, if not better than what you'd expect from your land.

Completed Designs
Some Of Our Projects

Hermanus Residential 1


Residential Solar Solution in the upmarket suburb of Westcliff Hermanus, This system comprised of 20 x Canadian Solar 365WP Solar Modules, 1 x 5KVA Hybrid Inverter and 14KWh Lithium Ion Battery Bank. Customer is 84% Off-Grid, utilising the Hybrid System.

Cape Town Commercial 1


Small Commercial Hybrid Solution. This system was installed at Excoprint, Brackenfell South. The system comprises of 32KWp worth os Solar Modules, 1 x Huawei 36KTL Grid Tied Inverter, 3 x Victron Quatto 8000 Inverters and 1 x Freedom Won 40KWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This system was set up as a Minigrid, ensuring that the customer can utilise the full Solar Capacity during a Power outage. This was the first Printing company in South Africa to install this sort of solution.

Melkbos Residential 1


Residential Solar Solution in Beautiful Melkbos Strand. This system comprised of 34 x Canadian Solar 270WP Solar Modules, 3 x 5KVA Inverters and 14KWh Lithium Ion Battery Bank. Customer is 92% Off-Grid, utilising the Hybrid System.

Cape Town Commercial 2


Agricultural Solar PV Solution of 10KWp installed for PG Fruit Olives in Villiersdorp, Cape Town. This system uses the SolarEdge Optimizers, as well as a SolarEdge, Grid Tide 10KW Inverter. The customer has more than halved is current utility bill, and since the installation has gone on to win numerous prizes for their Olive Oil. We are proud to have them as a customer.

The 3 Basic Systems

The intro to the 3 basic types of Solar PV Solutions that we specialise in. Other options are also available on request, however in most instances, your solution will form part of these 3. This is a very basic explanation, and more details can be sent to explain it in more detail should that required.

Grid-Tied Solar

Grid-Tied Solar is a solar system that does not have any storage options attached. Typically this will be the system that is installed in the Commercial and Industrial spaces, where a quick Return On Investment (ROI) is key.

Hybrid Solar

Typically a Hybrid Solar Solution, will have a Grid Input, as well as a Storage solution, thus ensuring that the Battery lasts longer when the Utility supply fails. It can also be used to further save Energy Costs, by utilising Battery power for Peak periods of the day.

Off-Grid Solar

This is by far the most miss - understood, but also most requested Solar Power option. In most instances these are installed where there is no Utility Supply, or where our customers would like to remove the connection to the power utility, affording generate and use all there own electricity.